Verschenke-Kiste Leipzig – What's that?

Many things fit into a gift box: from grandma's towels and former favorite books to a coffee cup left behind by a former flatmate. You too can contribute to a neighborly circular economy!



In a large city like Leipzig, huge amounts of waste accumulate every day. This also applies to clothing and everyday objects of all kinds that could actually still be used. That's why Leipzig's citizens have started to put things they no longer need on their doorsteps in "giveaway boxes". Others can take them and reuse them. Unfortunately, this can lead to even more garbage: many things are torn out of the boxes and carelessly thrown next to them again. Rain and wind do the rest. The basic idea of "valuing instead of throwing away" falls by the wayside.



That's why we - a broad-based team of volunteers from the district - would like to establish a place where this circular idea can actually be lived: a free store for the east of Leipzig is needed. Here people can give away their surplus goods (Waste prevention) and make them available to others for further use free of charge. This would make new acquisitions unnecessary (Resource conservation). This sustainability aspect should also be reflected in our store. As far as possible, the equipment will consist of used furniture and materials. In order to additionally create a broader awareness for the topic of circular economy, we would like to inform in this regard and organize low-threshold educational offers - such as Sewing meetings and repair caféswhere people can get broken things back into working order. Workshops of this kind are to be realized in cooperation with other Leipzig initiatives. In addition, we want to set an example against food waste and have a refrigerator set up in the premises. We would also like to educate people about this in the form of lectures or film screenings. In this way, our free store is to become the meeting place for participants and visitors across cultural and social boundaries but also through volunteer work, to which anyone interested is welcome.

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