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Ihr Lieben! Nachdem wir uns in den letzten Wochen über Doodle ausprobiert haben, könnt ihr nun über die Website euren Termin bei uns buchen! Dazu einfach Zeit und Datum auswählen und ab geht’s! Wir freuen uns auf euch – eure Verschenkis 🙂



In a large city like Leipzig, huge amounts of waste are created every day. Including clothes and all kind of everyday objects that could be still used. . That's why Leipzig's citizens have started to put unwanted things on their doorsteps in "give-away boxes". Others can take and reuse them. Unfortunately, this can lead to even bigger amounts of waste: as many things are taken out of the boxes and carelessly thrown next to them again. Wind and rain will do the rest. The basic idea of "valuing instead of throwing away" falls sideways.



That's why we - a diverse team of volunteers from the quarter - would like to establish a place where this freecycling concept can be conceptualized. A swap shop in the east of Leipzig is necessary. Here people can give away their unwanted surplus goods (waste prevention) and make them available to others for further use free of charge. And at the same time this would help people to avoid unnecessary new purchases (resource prevention). This sustainability aspect will also reflect in our store. As much as possible, all our furniture, equipment and decoration will be reused or repurposed. Additionally, we would like to offer easily accessible workshops as mending meetups or repair cafes, in order to create a broader awareness for the topic of circular economy. These workshops will be organised in collaboration with other Leipzig iniatives. Furthermore , we want to set an example against food waste and have a refrigerator set up in the premises. We would also like to educate people about this in the form of lectures or film screenings. In this way, our swap shop is to become the meeting place for participants and visitors across diverse cultural and social backgrounds but also through volunteer work, to which anyone interested is welcome.

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