How does it work?

Finally we are ready to turn the idea of a circular flow into reality in the form of our free store.

We ask that you follow these rules when visiting the Verschenkekiste:

General rules

In order to have a procedure as "clean" as possible, especially in times of the pandemic, we expect the following from you:

  • Please pay attention to the distance of 1.5m to other people in front of and inside the store
  • There may be a maximum of 4 visitors in the store
  • Wear a mouth-nose covering
  • Disinfect your hands when entering the store (at our desinfection station)
  • Hand in the items to be given away at the reception desk
  • Follow our tour, it may take 15 min

Where do you find the Verschenkekiste?

Wurzner Str. 58 in the rooms of Treffpunkt e.V.

What can you bring to the Verschenkekiste?

Since we are not (yet) a sewing room or repair shop, please bring only intact, functional and(!) clean things that you can no longer use and / or want, but others could still use them, such as e.g.

  • Clothing and textiles
  • Shoes and bags
  • Everyday household and utility items
  • Media: books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, audio and VHS tapes
  • Stationery and craft accessories
  • Small devices (remove batteries beforehand)
  • Toys and board games
  • Decorative items (like candles, vases, picture frames...)

Notes on rescued food
We also accept food - we have a refrigerator set up in the store for this purpose. Please give preference to food that needs to be refrigerated. For non-refrigerated food, you are also welcome to use the local fair distributors:

  • Crossing Sellerhäuser-/Peilickestraße
  • Crossing Konradstraße/Hermann-Liebmann-Straße
  • Neustädter Straße

More info is available here.

As a guideline, we only accept food that visually and olfactorily shows no signs of decay. The best-before date (MHD) of packaged form may be exceeded by no more than one day.
Take-away and consumption of this food is at your own risk.

When is the Verschenkekiste open?

You can find the current opening hours here.

What doesn't go in the Verschenkekiste?

Broken and dirty things probably can't be used by anyone else either and therefore don't belong in the Verschenkekiste. Besides:

  • Large electrical appliances
  • Furniture
  • Bicycles
  • Underwear (exception: children's underwear)
  • dirty things
  • Clothing and things that are no longer functional
  • opened cosmetics
  • inedible food (food sharing rules)
  • Medication 
  • Plants only at plant exchange
  • No objects with discriminatory content

Thoughts for a fair procedure

Bring no more than 2 tote bags per visit.

WHY? We are in these rooms only temporarily and have limited capacity.

Please understand that we may ask you to take something back with you.

WHY? Again: we currently have limited capacity. Also, this may be the case if the above rules are not followed.

Take no more than 2 tote bags from the store per visit.

WHY? So that you think about exactly what you really need and don't pack your carefully cleaned out space with way too much stuff again.

Things you bring must be cleaned and clothes need to be washed!

WHY? Broken and dirty things probably can't be used by anyone else and therefore don't belong in the Verschenkekiste.

It is forbidden to park things in front of the building.

WHY? Imagine you live next to a free store. How would you like to find this place? Besides, the basic idea of our project is to avoid waste and not to produce more. Come to the opening hours and think about the environment.

We do not want things from our store to be resold.

WHY? Our offer to all to take things free of charge from our store should not be exploited. Apart from that, we run this store without making money from it!

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